Develop their potential to fulfil their destiny.

Senior School at Redlands College marks the beginning of a student’s adult journey into education. It is a time when students will focus on preparing for their future pathway.

The Senior School intentionally supports students as they continue to form their identity in a Christian environment. Students explore ways of using their gifts and talents to serve others both here at the College and in the community. 

As a Christ-centred learning community, we desire to see our students grow holistically: academically, spiritually, physically and socially.

"Redlands College goes beyond 'school' - it is a community supporting students and their families and through Christ-centred excellence making an impact in our wider community."
Heidi Slatter, past student and current parent

Diverse pathways to success

The staff at Redlands College are passionate about learning. They understand that learning can look very different for each student.

In partnership with our Pathways team, students and families are able to tailor the learning journey to each individual student’s needs. Whether in a tertiary or vocational setting, we aim to equip our students with the skills and training that they will require beyond
Year 12.

As a registered training organisation (RTO) we have the ability to offer a range of vocational opportunities within the College.

We are excited to also partner with a wide range of educational providers and business to create opportunities for our students to further develop their gifts and talents.

Extending God-given abilities in Senior School

We are specialist teachers whose practice is informed by research

Each teacher at Redlands College is expected to be a practising and committed Christian who provides strong leadership and example. They are expected to have a strong work-ethic, strong professional standards and a focus on the needs of the young men and women with whom they work.

Students participate in the spiritual and service aspects of College life for their own spiritual growth and are encouraged to develop an appreciation of their responsibility for others by participating in charity and social responsibility activities.