Middle School curriculum

We believe that all gifts and talents are God-given and should be developed in a way which is pleasing to Him. 

There are many varied courses and subjects offered and the College aims to resource and to teach students in an excellent manner. 

In Years 6 and 7, students are required to undertake a range of compulsory subjects, which enables students to gain grounding in essential areas as well as experiencing the range of elective subjects the College offers in later years. 

In Years 8 and 9, students can select from a wide range of specialist elective subjects. This helps them explore the options in preparation for Senior School. 


Teaching, focused on what's relevant

Years 6 and 7 provide students with a broad foundation for studies in subsequent years. Students will have a ‘home teacher’ for a number of subjects, supported by an increasing range of teachers for more specialised subjects.

Year 6 subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society & Environment (Geography and History) and Bible Studies; complemented by Art, Health, Integrated Learning, Languages (Spanish and Japanese), Music, and Physical Education.

Year 7 subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Bible Studies; currently complemented by: Art, Business, Dramatic Arts, Geography, Spanish, Health & Physical Education, History, Integrated Learning, Japanese, Media Studies, and Music.

Building on solid foundations in Years 8 and 9

In addition to studying a range of core subjects, students in Years 8 and 9 are given an opportunity to explore their gifts and talents through an elective program.

Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Bible Studies, Wellbeing, and Sport.

Elective subjects: Art, Business, Drama, Geography, Spanish (Year 8), German (Year 9), Graphics, Health & Physical Education, History, Home Economics, Digital Technology, Japanese, Media Studies, and Music. Elective subjects are broken into a number of units (semester or term long).

Students choose specific units from the range of subjects. This provides them with a significant opportunity to explore our diverse subject offering.

The following teacher-created videos will give you a closer look at our elective programs:

Students participate in Core PE lessons each week as part of their regular class schedule and may also select to do further sports subjects on top of this. Middle School students also compete against local schools in the Bayside District Sports Association competition two afternoons each week.  Teams have been entered in sports such as:  soccer, netball, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, touch football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, squash, AFL.  This list varies from season to season depending on student interest.  Students may progress from District to Regional to Metropolitan competition and beyond.  The College has produced a number of Regional representatives and some State and National representatives. Carnival sports such as swimming, cross-country and athletics are provided through district and Christian schools associations.  The emphasis in sport is on the development of teamwork, sportsmanship and skills.

Middle School Camps

Camps and Excursions
Excursions occur throughout the year and provide students with practical experiences that enhance their understanding of the various study topics.  Camps provide an excellent opportunity for students to form strong personal bonds and to extend their boundaries with outdoor activities such as abseiling, canoeing etc. Camps are conducted for various year levels and are considered to be part of the curriculum - all curriculum-based camps and excursions are included in school fees.