Inspiring development... Building character

The middle years (students aged between 11-14 years) are an unequalled time of development whilst at school - a time of huge change. Challenge, excellence, excitement, relevance and the development of character, led by trustworthy mentors within a genuinely supportive and values-driven environment, are vital for an effective education within these years. 

"Easily the best school I've worked at.  The staff are like family, the students are second to none, the parents are seen as partners to the learning and the ethos is exactly what I would expect from a Christian school."
Jarrod Hibberd, Middle School Teacher

Enhancing opportunities for growth, development and leadership


Middle School at Redlands provides a greater connection through a seamless curriculum and access to facilities and resources College-wide. Staff members have an enthusiasm for teaching young adolescent students.  Activities and facilities for Middle School students are tailored to support their needs, enhancing opportunities for growth, development and leadership.

Expanding God-given abilities in Middle School

We are specialist teachers focused on personalised learning

All students are capable of high achievement. Middle School students learn best when they have good relationships with teachers, defined boundaries and their teachers expect high standards acting as catalysts to their learning experience.

Inter-school connections are pivotal to success. The Middle School provides a bridging mechanism between Junior and Senior schools within which there is a gradual progression away from having a main teacher with whom students have a strong supportive relationship to specialist teachers keeping supportive relationships alive during time of significant change. 

Sports Excellence Program

We offer a special program for our elite athletes called Sports Excellence. It is currently offered for our Year 7 and 8 students and is by application only. All applicants are interviewed and the best 15-18 are chosen. Year 7 students participate for 2 periods a week during Core PE. Year 8 students participate for 5 periods a week as an elective subject.