Redlands College Foundation is a charitable company whose primary objective is to support an education for students at Redlands College who are aged between 4-18 years. The Foundation provides financial assistance to a number of students who have submitted an application for enrolment, have met the College's entrance requirements and have been assessed as requiring financial support. 

This financial assistance is provided in the form of annually reviewed bursaries, short-term financial hardship relief and support for uniforms. Most bursarial support is provided in the Senior School and the level of support is dependent on the financial circumstances of the student's parents or legal guardians. 

Bursaries are provided as a reduction in College tuition fees by either 25%, 50% or 75%, with each student's family expected to provide a contribution at some level towards the cost of their education. The Foundation determines the level of assistance provided through an assessment of after tax household income, which includes a notional income based on assets, investments and equity in property and/or a business where applicable.