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The Bursary Fund:

The Fund’s History
The Bursary Fund was developed in 1989 to provide short-term school fee assistance to families who were experiencing financial difficulties.

Over this time, the Fund has contributed about $500,000 to College families.

Your Donation Helps
We have been able to continue our support to families due to the ongoing donations from parents, staff and other associates of Redlands College. These donations are now tax deductible. 

Without such generous donations, some families would have to leave the supportive, caring environment of Redlands College to search for a new school, adding to an already stressful situation. The Bursary Fund endeavours to avoid this by providing temporary fee assistance.

COVID-19 Response

As a school community, we seek to embody and reflect the image and nature of Jesus Christ. The spread of COVID-19 has impacted members of our community, including job losses, financial constraints, health complications and a general feeling of uncertainty. It is our desire to inject hope where there may be hopelessness and peace where they may be anxiety.

Attached here is an outline of the Redlands College Foundation, trustee for the Bursary Fund. This Fund provides short-term fee relief for families who are facing significant and unexpected financial difficulties. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please email Ms Lisa Wilson on to discuss a bursary application.

Applying for Fee Assistance

College families are able to apply for fee assistance while in financial hardship. Each situation is assessed and approved according to the need. Click here for more information.

Further Information
For further information regarding the Bursary Fund, contact the Redlands College Head of Finance and Operations on 3286 0222.