Parents & Friends Committee


Everyone enjoyed the 2019 P & F Fete!

The Parents and Friends Committee (P&F) makes contributions to the community and social life of Redlands College. All parents are automatically members of the P&F when their children are enrolled at the College.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, at 7:00 pm in the Staff Common Room. The Annual General Meeting is held in February. Meeting times and information from the P&F are communicated through the College News.

The P&F are always looking for new ideas and initiatives to support the school community. If you have an idea, please come along to our next meeting (dates below) or send us an email to so that we can discuss at our next meeting.



2019 P&F MEETING DATES (Mondays 7pm - 9pm): 

  • 18 February (AGM)
  • 18 March
  • 22 April
  • 20 May
  • 17 June
  • 15 July (student free day)
  • 19 August
  • 16 September
  • 21 October (student free day)
  • 18 November (end of year dinner)

2019 FETE PLANNING MEETING DATES (5:30pm - 7pm): 

  • Wednesday 23 January (student free day)
  • Monday 4 February
  • Wednesday 20 February
  • Monday 4 March
  • Wednesday 20 March
  • Wednesday 3 April
  • Monday 22 April (public holiday)
  • Monday 29 April


  • to stimulate an active interest in Redlands College 
  • to promote co-operation between College staff and members of the P&F Committee 
  • to assist the College staff where possible to foster the welfare of the students 
  • to assist the Board in whatever ways possible in the interest of Redlands College and its students 
  • to raise funds for the purchase of equipment and amenities for the College or for any other purpose to benefit the College and its students.



Nicole Lloyd

Deputy Chair

Marita Bobos


Rayelene Williams


Shyree Levings


Our 2019 Fete was a fantastic community-building event!