Wellbeing Team

Redlands College places a high priority on Student Wellbeing, with staff providing an environment of care and support for our students.  As a Christian school, everything we do is faith based as we aim to assist our families by providing spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The College has established a team of staff who connect with and mentor students across each year level.  Deans of Year and Directors across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools work closely with students to provide a nurturing and compassionate place for students to be themselves, whilst learning and growing.

A variety of formal and informal programs have been established to meet the needs of each individual child to intentionally help them realise their strengths and apply God's word to their daily life.  Students meet daily in groups, either within year levels or in a small pastoral care group which fosters bonds across multiple year levels.  Two Counsellors are available for confidential support and guidance for students, whilst our Christian Formation Coordinator and Chaplains oversee programs and groups throughout the school that promote Christian Living. 

Additional teams working together as part of Student Wellbeing include Learning Enrichment, Career Pathways, Behaviour Management and Sick Bay.  The Wellbeing Team meet weekly to continually ensure we are providing the best possible care an support to each student.

Wellbeing Staff

Director of Student WellbeingJoel Erkkila
Wellbeing AssistantJo Woodward
Christian Formation CoordinatorMike Shepherd
Junior School ChaplainKathryn Kerridge
ChaplainNathan Wilson
RTC CoordinatorSteve Lowther
Enrichment CoordinatorElyse Clarke
Enrichment TeachersJolene Thomas, Annette Litzow, Michelle Sprenger
Pathways AdvisorMargaret Smith
CounsellorsRachel Rubio, Clare Carmona
Sick BayRos Iselin, Trudi Erkkila

Joel Erkkila

Director of Student Wellbeing

I first began teaching at Redlands College in 1996. Over the following 22 year period I spent almost half of it working in different educational contexts overseas (West Africa & India). However, when back in Australia my family and I are based at Redlands College. During those years of service at Redlands College I have held many different positions; Head of Physical Education, Head of Middle School, Dean of Christian and Cultural Formation, and this year I have taken on a new role as the Director of Student Wellbeing.

In this position I lead a very dedicated team of staff who look after a wide variety of student wellbeing services; Counselling, Chaplaincy, Learning Enrichment, Sickbay, Behavioural Management, and Pathways advice. They all bring a wealth of experience to their positions and are dedicated to seeing our students flourish.

Student wellbeing has become such an important focus of schooling in the 21st century. I feel privileged to have this role and wish to see Redlands College be known for how well it cares for its students.


Mike Shepherd

Christian Formation Coordinator

I have had the opportunity to serve students and their families in the USA and Australia as a chaplain, mentor, teacher, and youth pastor. In addition to my role as Christian Formation Coordinator at Redlands, I am also a Board Member of Impact, a student camp and conference at Lipscomb University. Over the last 20-plus years of working with students, I have found that one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is that of allowing God to work in their lives without restriction. Throughout this time, five concepts have become apparent which I believe to be critical to a student's spiritual development. They are FOCUS, FUN, FAITH, FINISH, and FRIENDS. 

Elyse Clarke

Enrichment Coordinator P-12

Since joining Redlands College in 2012, I have worked within the Middle and Senior schools to facilitate and enhance learning experience as a learning support teacher and secondary English teacher, I have gained insight into the learning of students with learning differences from both teacher and advisor perspectives. 

In 2016, I completed a Masters in Educational Studies through the University of Queensland, majoring in Learning Diversity.  I believe strongly in holistic education and am eager to continue working with students, staff and families to explore meaningful learning and fulfil students' full potentials in a context of high expectations, personalised support and Christian community. 


Steve Lowther

RTC Coordinator

At Redlands College since 1990, I presently hold the position of Coordinator for Responsible Thinking Classroom Prep - Year 12. My early years of teaching were spent in Canberra as a Primary School teacher, mainly working with Years 4 - 7. Over the past 29 years at Redlands I have worked across many year levels and held several positions including Junior School teacher, Physical Education teacher, Assistant to Deputy in Junior School, IT Coordinator and Dean of Boys.

With 17 years' experience in the area of behaviour management, I have been able to establish a strong connection with students, staff and families.