Learning Enrichment


Enrichment at Redlands supports students by:

  • identifying learning needs and strengths
  • collaborating with families and professionals
  • implementing adjustments
  • monitoring and reviewing progress, and
  • encouraging students to pursue their passions and enhance their development.

Our philosophy is based on an understanding that every child is created in God’s image, for His purpose. We believe each student’s unique gifts and talents should be nurtured and encouraged within a holistic learning environment that values diversity, individuality and personal excellence. Enrichment support will vary greatly between students, year levels and subject areas to cater to students’ changing needs. We work with students and families to develop support around identified disabilities and/or additional learning needs to provide students with the best opportunities for growth.


Elyse Clarke

Enrichment Coordinator P-12

Since joining Redlands College in 2012, I have worked within the Middle and Senior schools to facilitate and enhance learning experience as a learning support teacher and secondary English teacher, I have gained insight into the learning of students with learning differences from both teacher and advisor perspectives. 

In 2016, I completed a Masters in Educational Studies through the University of Queensland, majoring in Learning Diversity.  I believe strongly in holistic education and am eager to continue working with students, staff and families to explore meaningful learning and fulfil students' full potentials in a context of high expectations, personalised support and Christian community.