To facilitate the Tuckshop & Cafe moving into the College Heart, they both will stop trading at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, March 24 and will reopen in the College Heart on Monday, April 20. 

Online ordering will be unavailable from March 21 to April 17. 

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The Redlands College Tuckshop is located opposite the library, just down the path from the student administration office.  Redlands College promotes healthy eating habits.

At Redlands College we use online ordering for tuckshop using the Redlands College My Monitor system.  

Login here to order

Junior School parents can order online from the Junior Canteen - no more paper bags and finding change! Junior School ordering is via online orders only. 

Middle and Senior School students and parents can skip the queues and pre-order online from the Canteen.

We will soon have a cashless system in place so that Middle and Senior school students can load cash onto their student card which they can use for canteen purchases, which means shorter queue time with one-swipe orders and no risk of losing cash or EFTPOS cards! You can set minimum balances for auto top up, set notification of low account balance and set maximum limits for spending. Parents and students will also be able to use online reporting to view all purchases and account activity. 

School purchases have never been easier or more convenient!

Tuckshop Online Ordering Instructions

VOLUNTEER ROSTER: We always appreciate extra volunteers to help out at the tuckshop, if you are able to help please contact our Tuckshop staff on 3286 0222 to be placed on the roster. Roster updates are available directly from the friendly Tuckshop staff.