It was amazing!

Last week some Year 8 classes went on an extraordinary field trip for Geography, travelling on a boat learning about St. Helena, Green and Mud Island. It was extremely beautiful despite the rain and chilling wind on one of the days; those who remembered to bring their raincoat and jumper managed to stay a little drier than the rest. For lunch we stopped at St. Helena Island; it was amazing.

The Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre ran the field trip and we learned much about our very important Moreton Bay and saw first hand the effects mud and litter are having on the environment. We learned the importance of taking care of our precious Moreton Bay and look forward to making up our Island Brochures for assessment. We definitely would love to go and do it all again!  

Studying Geography teaches many skill sets, as well as the importance of our planet and how we can care for it.