The Year 12 visual art class in conjunction with Queensland Rail have completed painting a community inspired mural on the railway underpass behind the senior oval. Daniel Brock from Queensland Rail’s ‘Positive pARTnerships’ Program said Queensland Rail was proud to partner with Redlands College on the exciting art project, facilitated by Visual Art teacher Jenny Burgess. 

They painted different community minded inspirations within puzzle piece shapes, resulting in a fabulous mural. 

The theme the students chose is "Building Community", taking inspiration from the quote by Deepak Chopra which features in the tunnel,

There are no extra pieces of the universe. Everyone is here because she or he has a place to fill and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle of life.

Redlands College Visual Art teacher Jenny Burgess said designing and painting the mural had given her students the opportunity to create lasting art and learn new techniques they otherwise may not have had the chance to.

We are thankful that this collaboration was able to go ahead and give our senior visual art students a common goal to create throughout their final school year. Each puzzle piece of the mural represents a different aspect of life in Wellington Point, from the fauna and flora to the landscape and activities locals know and love. It is a beautiful parting gift from this year’s seniors not only to our school and students, but to the wider community too.

Ms Burgess, Redlands College Visual Art Teacher


Queensland Rail supported the students by hosting a number of workshops to develop the painting process, prepping the wall for the works, covering the cost and supplying the equipment, as well as applying a graffiti proof coating on the mural upon its completion.
Daniel Brock, QR 



We are thankful for Queensland Rail's support in making our vision possible, and hope the community enjoys the mural as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Ms Burgess, Redlands College Visual Art Teacher