Three teachers, one assistant and twelve students shared the Gospel in Uganda between November 29 and December 24 2015 as part of the first ever Redlands College mission trip to Uganda.

Members of the team (consisting of both current and past students) were busy fundraising prior to their trip, for the purchase of building materials to support the building of Teacher’s Quarters for Barnabas Project-Uganda at Busoke and a Classroom Block and Pit Latrine for Kyampisi Childcare Ministries at Kyampisi.

Monday - Sanyu Babies' Home

Monday was an early start as we drove to Sanyu Babies Home in the heart of Kampala. The home has been running for 82 years with a team of devoted people working tirelessly to make the lives of abandoned children worth living. The Home is administered by a Board of Governors as a voluntary organisation under the auspices of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Caring for such young children is a round-the-clock task. The Sanyu staff includes an Administrator, an on-call doctor, nurses, domestic staff, social workers, teachers, cleaners, grounds men and security guards.  

As a team, we really enjoyed feeding the babies, changing the babies, cuddling the babies, reading to the toddlers, playing with the toddlers, hanging out the washing, making the many beds and generally supporting the hard-working volunteers as they carried out their respective chores.

After spending the morning at Sanyu, we drove to the craft markets where we enjoyed buying some gifts for family and friends. Our drive to the craft markets took a little longer than expected as we hit a traffic jam due to the number of people in the city shopping for Christmas. After the craft market we drove to Kyampisi for a Farewell BBQ Dinner and chat with Peter and Paul (a converted witch doctor) about their great work to bring Child Sacrifice to the attention of the national and international community. It was a very fitting way to say our 'goodbyes' to the community of Kyampisi.

The Pit Latrine's foundations have now been completed and the next stage is ready to be undertaken. Our target was to dig the foundations, lay the foundations and back fill the soil.