Featured staff member: Linda Strydom

Subject area: Prep

Focus: Prep Kibo Robot- programming

Fun fact: Prior to commencing teaching at Redlands College six years ago I hadn't even used an IWB before… and now look at me! I am so excited about technology in the classroom and can't wait to introduce my Preppies to the Ozobot!

For the last two weeks, students in Linda Strydom’s Prep class have been learning about coding via a Kibo robot. KIBO is a robot kit specifically designed for young children aged 4-7 years old. 

Students create a sequence of instructions (a program) using the wooden KIBO blocks. They scan the blocks with the KIBO robot to tell it what to do. They then press the go button and the robot comes alive. This process enables the students’ to learn critical technical, problem-solving and cognitive skills in a developmentally appropriate and playful way.

Kibo is based on over 15 years of academic and field research at Tufts University into how young children learn foundational concepts in programming and engineering by integrating them into a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes literacy, the expressive arts and cultural studies. 

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