Hi, my name is Hannah and I am a participant of The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award at Redlands College.

Since I was a young age, it has been an absolute dream for both myself and my parents to have the opportunity to take part in this amazing adventure. Living out in the west, we thought that we would never have the chance to be involved with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, but thankfully we moved back to Brisbane and to Redlands College, where this amazing program is offered.

Last year, for my bronze adventure, I chose to take part in the kayaking trip, as the ocean is a big part of my life and I love being near the water. On the kayaking trip, I experienced some amazing things, such as seeing wild animals, making fires, learning more about the environment we were in, and making new relationships with the students and teachers. It was an incredible experience in God's creation.

While completing my bronze award, I had to complete 26 hours of service work, 13 hours of sport and 13 hours of a skill. I volunteered to help with Kids Church at my local church as my service work, for sport I played netball and for my skill I learnt how to play the guitar. I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Bronze award when I was in Year 9.

During Year 10, I began my Silver award. I decided to change it up this year and instead of kayaking, I did hiking. Both hikes, qualifying and practice, were mentally and physically challenging. It was a very rewarding adventure and I enjoyed it very much.

We experienced seeing local burn offs, wildlife and amazing views. I again had to complete volunteering for 26 hours, skill for 26 hours and a sport for 26 hours. For Volunteering I again helped out at Kids church, my skill was cooking and my sport was netball.

I can not wait to be able to start my Gold award!