Sporting Achievements

Team achievements in 2017:

Year 6/7 Netball ADistrict Champions
Year 6/7 Netball BDistrict Champions
Year 6/7 Girls Volleyball BDistrict Champions
Year 8 NetballDistrict Champions
Year 10 NetballDistrict Champions
Open NetballDistrict Champions
Open Boys TennisDistrict Champions
Open Girls TennisDistrict Champions
Year 10 Girls VolleyballDistrict Champions
Open Boys SoccerRunners Up - Christian School Tournament
Beach Volleyball2 Bronze medals - Queensland Beach Volleyball Schools Cup

Students represent the College in Christian Schools Competitions and District Competitions that lead to Regional, State and National representation in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics as well as other individual and team sports. These competitions are held at Middle and Senior School levels. Junior students age 9-11 from Years 3 to 5 also compete in Christian Schools Competitions and Junior students from Years 4 and 5 compete in District competitions.

Redlands College are also represented at external competitions such as Junior Schools Cup - Volleyball, Senior Schools Cup - Volleyball, Australian Schools Cup - Volleyball, All Schools Touch Football and Mission Foods Netball Club. Most sporting teams train during school hours. 

Students in Years 4 - 7 are involved in inter-school sports days.

Inter-school sports students in Years 8 - 9 compete in AFL, baseball, basketball, netball, soccer, softball, tennis, touch football, volleyball and rugby league. There is also a range of recreation sports including archery, bowling, cricket, fitness, grid iron, gymnastics, horse riding, kayaking, ten pin bowling, sailing, tennis, trampolining, triathlon, volleyball and Zumba. 

Inter-school sports students in Years 10 - 12 compete in AFL, baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, netball, softball, soccer, tennis, touch football and volleyball. They are also able to participate in a range of recreation sports such as archery, boxing, dance, gym, futsal, squash, table tennis, target shooting and ten pin bowling.

Students are also encouraged to participate in local sports club competitions which are held outside school hours. We believe each family should have the freedom to use their leisure time as they wish. For this reason, Redlands College does not participate in inter-school Saturday sporting competitions.