Volleyball at Redlands College has expanded rapidly with opportunities to be involved at a range of competitive levels. Being a part of the volleyball program at Redlands College is a great way for students to build a sense of belonging and create exceeding athletes both on and off the court. Our Volleyball program is targeted at students in years 6-12 with no prior experience needed.

    Please contact Mr James Miller with any questions or to find out how your child can get involved.


    Students have an opportunity to compete at many high level competitions throughout the year including Junior, Intermediate or Senior Volleyball Schools Cup. We also compete annually in the December holidays at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup (AVSC) which brings the best schools from all around Australia. Redlands College is highly competitive at this National level. The 2019 Australian Schools Cup saw our College ranked 8th out of 132 schools.

    Intermediate Schools Cup

    Australian Schools Volleyball Cup (AVSC)

    Teams participated AVSC:

    Boys Under 17 Honours -Played in the Bronze Medal playoff and finished 4th in the Competition
    Boys Yr 7 Div 1
    Boys Yr 7 Div 2
    Boys Yr8 Honours
    Boys Yr9 Honours
    Boys Yr12 Division 1
    Girls Yr 10 Div 1
    Girls Yr 10 Div 3
    Girls Yr 12 Div 2
    Girls Yr7 Division 1 -Silver Medal winners. First competition for Team and Coach

    2019 Intermediate Schools Cup


    Volleyball Queensland Beach Schools Cup

    This is an annual, two-day, school-based competition attracting participants from South East Queensland to North Queensland.

    Aimed at high school students of all year levels, Beach Schools Cup divides participants across the three divisions: Junior, Years 7 and 8, Intermediate, Years 9 and 10, and Senior, Years 11 and 12.

    Years 7 and 8 generally compete in Junior 4-a-side teams. Years 9 and 10 compete in Intermediate teams of either 2-a-side or 4-a-side. Years 11 and 12 complete in Senior teams of either 4-a-side or 2-a-side.

    This year’s competition saw us travel with 19 teams, the largest contingent yet, to Coolangatta Beach. Day one proved to be a spectacular day. The sky perfect, our teams where energised and ready to participate. Our staff where eager to be on this journey with them, as not all teams had experienced this platform before. The nervous exhilaration was palpable. Our teams performed incredibly well.

    Day two saw a totally different light. The rain was torrential, play was difficult, but that didn’t dampen their spirits or their capabilities. In fact, it almost ignited them to a whole new level of enthusiasm. The results follow:

    GOLD medal
    Junior Boys Reds 1, Div 2 4 a-side volleyball gold junior
    Robert Swaney, Alister Campbell, Zach Walker and Jacob Sands. First Beach Volleyball competition.

    2019 Intermediate Schools Cup

    Junior Girls Reds 1 Div 2 4 a-side
    Junior Girls Reds 2 Div 2 4 a-side
    Intermediate Boys Reds 2 Div 1 4 a-side

    Senior Girls Reds 2 Div 2 4-a-side