Interschool Sports Overview

Students participate in seasonal sport, categorised in Trimesters. There is a Summer, Winter and a Skill-building season.

Years 6-7 students

Summer SeasonWinter Season
Touch FootballVolleyball
BaseballRugby League
VolleyballAustralian Football League (AFL)

A skill building season:

Students are involved in a range of games and activities designed to maximise participation, facilitate sportsmanship, build skills and an aerobic and strength base. The annual colour run is a highlight students look forward to.

Year 6-7 sport

Years 8-9

Summer SeasonWinter Season
Touch Football (G & B)Football (G & B)
Baseball (B)Volleyball (G)
Volleyball (B)AFL (B)
Softball (G)Netball (G)
Basketball (G & B)Tennis (G & B)
Tennis (G & B)Basketball (G)
Weight training (G & B)Rugby League (B)
Mountain Biking (B)

Recreational Pursuits - Activities can include options such as:

Rock ClimbingParkour
Paddle boardingOrienteering

Year 8-9 sport

Senior students may elect to be involved in Sports Academies:

Netball (G)Volleyball (G & B)
Football (G & B)Tennis (G & B)

These Academies incorporate strength and conditioning training, sport specific skill development, strategic play along with the foundational platform of nutrition. They also benefit from a wide scope of professionals within the sporting arena as they engage in conferencing with Sports Psychologist, Nutritionists and expert Coaches.

Extreme Sports is another exciting category for those students who enjoy ‘Extreme’.

Our Access program is avenue our Senior students can engage in. A handbook is provided in order for you to fully grasp the extent of this program.

Senior sport