Interschool Sports Overview

Years 6-7 students participate in three trimesters of sport.

Summer Season Interschool Competition: 

Basketball (Boys & Girls)Volleyball (Boys)
Touch Football (Boys & Girls)Softball (Girls)
Baseball (Boys)Futsal (Girls)

Winter Season Interschool Competition:

Netball (Girls)AFL (Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)Football/Soccer (Boys & Girls)
Rugby League

A skill building season:

Students are involved in a range of games and activities designed to maximise participation, facilitate sportsmanship, build skills and an aerobic and strength base. The annual colour run is a highlight students look forward to.

Year 6-7 sport

Years 8-9 students also have three trimesters of sport involving:

Summer Season - students either compete in competitive sports or train in winter sports in preparation for the following season.  Competitive options include:

Touch Football (Boys & Girls)Softball (Girls)
Baseball (Boys)Basketball (Boys & Girls)
Volleyball (Boys)

Winter Season:

Football/Soccer (Boys & Girls)Netball (Girls)
Volleyball (Girls)Rugby League (Boys)
AFL (Boys)Tennis

Recreational Pursuits - Activities can include options such as:

SailingStand Up Paddle Boarding
Kayaking10-pin Bowling
Target ShootingGym Sessions

Year 8-9 sport

Senior students may elect to be involved in Sports Academies:


In these academies, students are involved in strength and conditioning training, sports specific skill development, strategic play and nutrition. Students benefit from sports psychologists, nutritionists and expert coaches. 

Senior sport