Carnivals at Redlands College

Our annual Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals are a wonderful opportunity for our students and house captains to build team spirit, connections and enjoy friendly competition. 

2019 Carnival Reports: 

The Swimming Carnival   

The swimming carnival: the first athletic event and what a way to start the year! The house spirit was contagious with every house supporting their team mates and wearing their colours proud. An event where team spirit thrives, and students’ strengths are displayed. The war cries echoed through the hall as records were broken and lollies were thrown. The music had everyone hyped with Mr Zaki’s commentating entertaining as always. And how could you miss all the participation from the grade twelves dominating the 25m pool for their last year. Everyone swam their hardest, especially the Finnegan Falcons, which paid off as they defeated all houses and took the win once again for the swimming carnival 2019. Shekye Allart- Year 12 Female Sports Captain 


The Cross Country 

The Cross Country: an event that takes stamina, motivation and spirit. The day saw everyone pushing themselves as many excelled and flew through the course, finishing the race for their team. It was great to see the teachers encouraging us as we passed and everyone cheering as we finished. This year saw Finnegan providing their secret green machine juice and Thompson supplying cordial. Everyone looked forward to crossing the finish line and getting their snow cones. And of course, we had our very competitive house competition of tug of war. This tops the event off with everyone using all their strength to win for their house. No one could miss it with all the house captains shouting their cries for their houses to win. Overall, it was the Thompson Tigers who took the victory for the cross-country carnival 2019. Shekye Allart- Year 12 Female Sports Captain


The Athletics Carnival 

On Friday 3 May, we enjoyed our last carnival for the year: the athletics carnival. With the swimming and long distance running out of the way, it was time to turn our focus to a day of throwing, jumping and sprinting. The carnival, for the third year in a row, was held on the Redlands College senior oval. This provided the best atmosphere for house spirit, in a familiar location. The day consisted of shot put, discuss, javelin, high-jump and long-jump. Mr Zaki’s exciting commentary of every race was a real highlight. The sound team kept us entertained all day with classic tunes and there was a real spirit of joy, fellowship and fun with burgers being cooked and refreshing drinks being served. Just remember, a can of coke right before a 200m race doesn’t always end that well! As the day went on, we were all looking forward for the final event: the relays. Nothing beats the sound every student cheering for their house to win. Okay, maybe the one thing that can beat it is seeing Dr Johnson get smoked by the Year 12s in the final leg of the last relay. One of many races that Finnegan took out 1st place for, I might add. The last carnival for 2019 was certainly not the least and without the help of every student and staff member, it wouldn’t have been the ripper day that it was.  Elijah Parkyn - Year 12 Male Sports Captain