Wendy and Peter 2020

This year, as a Senior and Middle School ensemble, the enchanting world of Wendy and Peter was brought to life.

The audience were treated to performances from Mia Johnstone and Emma Johnson who played the courageous Wendy Darling, the heroin of the play. Leading the crew of Lost Children, Blaise Allart and Nicholas Milne played the role of Peter, the boy who never grows up. Causing mischief, Chloe Eden played the role of fiery fairy Tinker Bell. Commanding the stage as Hook, Ruby Hayes led her pirate crew with the help of her cronies, Smee, played by Angelika McDowall McDonald, and Starkey, played by Jayce Plint. Adding to the danger was the Crocodile, played by Sonny Green. Saving the day were the Halfling tribe, led by fierce Princess Tiger Lily, played by Alissa Kater.

As one audience member commented, “extraordinary performances from all of the cast and crew. A truly outstanding show, especially in the times of COVID!” We will cherish all the memories we have made in the long hours we have laughed, cried, and worked together. In the words of another audience member, “a truly magical experience.” With faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust, we will always encourage our students to do what they love, proudly showcasing their gifts and talents given by our Creator. In this way, they give others permission to love what they do. You see, to live is an awfully big adventure.

Show 1- 3:30pm-5:30pm
Show 2 - 6:30pm-8:30pm