The Secret Garden May 2015

After months of faithful rehearsal and preparation, May 29 - 30, 2015 saw 35 students from the Middle and Senior schools bring the musical 'The Secret Garden' to the stage.

We would like to congratulate the cast and crew, not to mention the production team on what could only be described as an absolutely amazing show!!

A local musician and accompanist posted this review on the public Redlands College Secret Garden Facebook page: 
I really want to congratulate everyone concerned with the production of The Secret Garden.  We were blown away by the most professional school musical I personally think I have ever seen (and, believe me, I've seen and been part of many, many shows).  What an incredibly talented cast with many very fine voices.  I hate to single out any of the production team but I take my hat off to Jacqui Cuny for her vocal direction. Chloe Makiol is definitely a star in the making - a beautiful and sensitive portrayal of Mary. Jarrod and Jackson's duet, 'Lily's Eyes', was a highlight of the show for me - it's possibly my all-time favourite music theatre duet!  I just couldn't hold back the tears!  I could go on and on, but finally I want to give three rousing cheers for the orchestra which was really outstanding. Congratulations Philip for a job very, very well done. Thank you for giving us all a music theatre experience I will never forget!  God bless you all.  WOW!

And this from another audience member:
I am so grateful that I saw the Redlands College production of the Secret Garden.  It would have been incredible even for adult performers, but the fact that they were all teenagers made it even more amazing.  It was some of the most beautiful singing I have heard in a long time, and every single person sung with emotion, conviction and in character with accents, throughout the lengthy and demanding score.  Was so impressed by all of the leads, supported by an excellent chorus.  Outstanding voices.  The show itself was truly magical, and an inspirational and newly understood take on a favourite childhood story.  P.S. Loved loved loved Lily's Eyes!