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Redlands College Performance Music

Redlands College Performance Music program, serving the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools at Redlands College, comprises instrumental and vocal tuition; and instrumental and choral ensembles.

Performance Music aims to nurture and foster in students the love of their instrument and of making music, by providing a caring and supportive environment that respects the College’s Christian ethos and values.

Individual tuition, together with participation in ensembles, enhances musical and performance skills, builds teamwork, and helps develop the life skills of commitment, self-discipline, perseverance and reliability.  

Through celebrating the students’ progress and triumphs, as they create music together in ensembles and share their music in concerts and workshops, we help them to discover the intrinsic rewards of music-making, as well as the extrinsic rewards of examination and competition results.

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Performance Music at Redlands College

Application Forms

Below you will find our online application forms. Please ensure you have read the information and terms and conditions within the form before submission. 


Redlands College Performance Music activities are made possible by a dedicated support group of parents, who provide catering and other support at events, as well as fundraising for Performance Music projects. If you are interested in volunteering to help at Performance Music concerts and events, or in becoming a member of the Performance Music Supporters' Group, we would greatly value your support. 

Please register your interest by completing the Performance Music Supporters Group Volunteers Form.