Kids Rock the Kitchen Christmas Cooking Classes

Friday 13 Nov 2020 by Catherine Wicks

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Kids Rock the Kitchen is back again these holidays with some more cooking classes! From dinner, lunch or snacks, these classes will give students the skills to help out in the kitchen! 

Check out the links below to register for a class:

Dinner's Sorted Italian Feast Intermediate (Middle School):
Tuesday 8 Dec 2020, 2pm - 5.30pm:

Dinner's Sorted Italian Feast Beginners (Junior School):
Thursday 10 Dec 2020,  2pm -5.30pm:

Christmas Baking Intermediate (Middle School):
Thursday 17 Dec 2020, 9am - 12pm:

Lunchbox Filler Beginners (Junior School):
Only one spot left!
Tuesday 12 Jan 2021, 9am-12pm:

Lunchbox Filler Intermediate (Middle School):
Thursday 14 Jan 2021, 9am - 12pm: