Redlands College Volleyball

Thursday 12 Nov 2020 by Kerry Thomas | Sports Administrator
Redlands College Volleyball is proud to announce that we are currently ranked 3rd in Queensland for Indoor Volleyball!
This is an enormous, outstanding achievement that has taken over 10 years of hard work from many people to get here.
Recognition for this is a culmination of many people making many sacrifices over many years to get here. The seeds that one has sowed have been passed onto another to arrive at this destination. 
A classic example of team work through the legacies individuals have left.
These results go back to Andrew Peachey, who was instrumental in orchestrating volleyball in its early years. The work of Mike Hale in building numbers in the program.
The work of Malcolm Oosterbeek, Morgan Lewis and Fil Veilkjovic in restructuring volleyball and aligning the skills needed at each year level. Years of sports psychology and program structure were initiated here. Not to mention the work done by Nikki Coker in building family community. This year we have had James Miller and alumni add his talents to the equation. We have been fortunate to have Kerry Thomas running a tight admin ship amongst many other duties.
Many coaches have played a significant part in making this come to be!
Shout out to Stephanie Philips, Kate Von Euw, Lachlan Stubbs, James Tu, Matthew Jaeschke, Jack De Boer, Sarah Vermass, Mitch Turner, Brooke Young and Lauren Kennedy and Julia Tarrant, who have coached over the years and some still coaching.
What a great culture we have growing in volleyball. The values and team work with coaches and students has been the reason for this success. Redlands is a school with a reputation in volleyball we are proud of.
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