Equipping Parents to Create Homes of Faith : Pastor Tracy Valentine

Thursday 15 Oct 2020 by Catherine Wicks

Tracy Valentine

Most of us know the importance of family in the faith walk of our children, but knowing how to encourage our children’s faith can be really challenging. You are not alone in wondering how best to carry out this part of our ministry as parents. 

To this end, Redlands College is proposing to facilitate a presentation by Pastor Tracy Valentine (via Zoom, owing to Covid restrictions) for our families. This presentation will help you to learn some practical ways that you can create a home of faith, and take note of specific strategies that are effective in the Australian context and which can give families a strong pathway to follow.  

Some of the topics that would be included in these presentations are:

  • What age should I start talking about faith?  
  • What influence does a parent or grandparent have? 
  • How can I encourage faith for my child in my everyday life, without adding a load of pressure for me or a long list of extra “must do” activities into our already busy schedule?

If you are keen to hear more and would like to register your interest, please check your school email/Schoolbox for a link. We will use that feedback to gauge interest and coordinate programming; details will be forthcoming.