Year 12 Assembly Visitors

Friday 07 Aug 2020 by Margaret Smith - Pathways Advisor

FREE Training Available post year 12

On Friday 31 July Lisa McBrien and Vanessa Sanchez from the DESBT (Department of Employment, Small Business and Training) came to present at the Year 12 Assembly.  Lisa outlined the skill shortages, the changes in university funding and fee free training available to the students in the year following year 12.  Check out the subsidised training available:

There is also opportunity for students to do part-time Traineeships to gain practical skills at the same time as studying a degree.  

Government Training

How to make a successful transition to University with support

On Friday 7 August we had 3 guests representing UQ Residential Colleges attend the Year 12 Assembly.  Peter WalkerKings College, Sally NorthcroftThe Women’s College and Glen Cronan from St Leo’s College.  They all talked about the community atmosphere, mentoring opportunities and tutoring programs available to students no matter which university they attend.

They have students who attend UQ and other universities such as QUT, ACU, CQU, Griffith etc. Students can choose to live on site or join as an associate member for a low cost eg The Women’s College charges approx. $1500 per year for associate membership. 

This link gives a list of the UQ Residential Colleges:
University College Living + Map