SRC Fundraiser: June 19

Wednesday 10 Jun 2020 by Mrs Handreck & The SRC

Dear Redlands College,

On Friday 19 June, the SRC is holding a Free Dress Fundraiser to support the Queensland Cancer Council.

All students are asked to show their support for this cause by coming to school in free dress for a gold coin donation. 

In addition to the free dress, to raise additional funds for the Cancer Council some of our teachers and students have also nominated to either save their head, wax their legs or colour their hair. 

The students and teachers involved will only go through with their commitment IF the fundraising target on them is reached. Each teacher and student has decided an amount of money the school needs to raise before they will shave/wax or colour their hair. 

Donations will be accepted up until Friday 8:30 am and are to be handed into public reception.

So if you would like to see Mr Oosterbeeks legs get waxed or Mr Zerk’s head shaved (just to name a few), drop some donations off to public reception before Friday 19 June.

We look forward to seeing all of our students come to school in free dress on this day - Thank you for your encouragement and support for a great cause.

Mrs Handreck & The SRC

SRC fundraiser targets


Listed below is some information relating to the free dress day: 

  • Any mixing of the school uniform and free dress clothing is not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to wear their sports uniform as 'free dress'. Only students who would normally wear their sport uniform on a Friday will be permitted to wear it on that day.
  • Students should be appropriately dressed - ie no midriff should be showing, and all slogans should be appropriate.
  • The hero theme is optional.
  • For more detailed information on the free dress expectations, please see the uniform guide.