Debating News

Monday 11 May 2020 by Mrs Leisha Bradshaw | Debating Coordinator
Debating, being an extreme sport is not stopped by pandemics.  No!  Our debaters are hardy and enthusiastic people who have no difficulty overcoming such problems such as social distancing and the cancellation of the competition season by the Queensland Debating Union.  
On Wednesday evening our year 9 and 10 teams met online and argued the motions:  
  • that school students should elect a youth representative from each state to the Australian Senate  (Year 10 vs Year 9)
  •   that we should lower the voting age  (Year 9 vs Year8)
In both instances, the Year 9 teams turned out to be formidable foes and won.
Many thanks to our resident QDU adjudicator, James Clibbon, for overseeing the 8/9 debate and our coaches Seren and Joel for hosting,
We look forward to exploring this platform over the coming weeks.
Zoom Debate