Welcome to our newest staff member!

Thursday 09 Apr 2020 by Catherine Wicks

The College is delighted to introduce our newest staff member - a male 8-week old black labradoodle. Over the last 6 months, we have researched the significant value that support dogs can contribute towards the physical and emotional wellbeing of staff and students, so we have made the decision to invest in a support dog for our community. Miss Jo Woodward will be the trainer and handler for this beautiful new member of our community, and students and staff will have access to him in the new wellbeing precinct, as well as around the College. We pray he brings great joy to everyone.

Our Support Dog does not have a name yet, so if you would like to suggest a name, please click this link to head to the facebook post!

He starts at school next Wednesday 15th April, and we hope to have a name for him on his first day at school.

Support Dog- Suggest a name