YES Summit

Thursday 07 Nov 2019 by Pathways @ Redlands

In September Tahlia Brown (Year 12) and Mrs Smith, Pathways Advisor attended the Young Entrepreneur Summit at RPAC in Cleveland.  With student driven business pitches, and personal business testimonies, the summit offered a wide range of opportunities for networking and increasing skill sets.

Visiting the YES summit has provided insight into how Conduits of the Future entrepreneurs group, which was launched this year, can effectively market to the younger students, and provide support for those who are seeking to start their own business.  The summit was run by Fiftysix Creations, founded by young Australian entrepreneur Taj Pabari, in partnership with Redland City Council. 

If you are a young entrepreneur and have some business ideas you would like explore in 2020 with support and mentorship watch your emails for further information in the new year.

Yes Summit 2