Year 12 students explore opportunities

Thursday 07 Nov 2019 by Pathways @ Redlands

Two Redlands College Year 12 students took time out of their September/October holidays to participate in some work experience to help explore what they might want to study following school. 

Senlina attended Bickerton Masters Architecture.  This is her 3rd work experience where she has been exploring her interests and the different focuses in the industry eg Architecture, Interior Design, drafting etc before deciding on the best university course for her. 

Ben enjoyed his time at Ausbuild where he got to rotate across the following areas during the week.  

  • Expressions Studio (Interior Design)
  • Drafting
  • Marketing and Communication
  • HR & Business
  • Estimating

It has helped Ben work out what he doesn’t particular enjoy and what he would like to focus his future study on.