The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Gold Hike in Springbrook National Park

Wednesday 06 Nov 2019 by Hannah Ryder (Year 12)

On the September holidays, the Gold Award participants arrived at school bright and early and headed off for Springbrook National Park. Originally headed for Fraser Island, which was unfortunately cancelled due to fire dangers, we happily teamed up with the PCYC Gold Coast award unit to complete our gold practice hike.

Gold Springbrook Hike 3

On the first day, we attempted to complete the Warrie Circuit but due to it being many people's first hike, including myself, we couldn't complete the circuit in daylight so instead, we doubled back and completed the Twin Falls circuit. As the name suggests, we saw beautiful twin waterfalls that merged into one. After a long first day, we finally made it to camp where Dylan and Daniel prepared what seemed like a 5-course meal. At first, I thought how they could possibly eat two steaks, continental pasta, green curry, mine and Leilani's leftovers and Arnott's biscuits with hot chocolate for dessert, my second thoughts were, no wonder Daniel's bag was 30 kg.

The second day was the longest day and personally the most challenging. Due to one of our group members, unfortunately, suffering from asthma we ended up walking for 10 hours. Exhausted, we arrived at camp and set up our tents in the fading light followed by being rained out during dinner which lead to us all getting a much-needed early night’s sleep.

However, we did not let previous problems hinder our last and personally my favourite day. We put our navigation skills to the test and headed off track, walking down a spur for an hour, hoping that our navigation skills were leading us in the right direction. Eventually, we reached our destination and after 4 days of hard work and no showers we were delighted to have found a spot to swim before the bus arrived. 

Gold Springbrook Hike