Ack Kinmonth Workshop

Thursday 06 Jun 2019 by Music@Redlands

Ack Kinmonth is a music composer who makes interesting and current music for Advertising, Film, TV, Games and Web video. He has worked in music production as a composer, producer, guitarist, sound designer and has countless other roles in the music industry. Ack resides in Brisbane but works with clients from all around the globe.

Ack Kinmonth workshop Ack Kinmonth workshop

Ack presented some of his work, film briefs from advertising agencies, and shared a Capilano Honey ad brief and video excerpt that students then had to create music to as part of the workshop. The workshop itself was insightful and the feedback and information given from Ack in regards to the students composition work was very interesting, helpful and gave a lot of insight into the Film, TV advertising and Music Industry. 

More details regarding Ack's composition work can be found on his website: Thank you for your visit today, Ack!