EXTEND Weekly News - Term 3 Week 4

Wednesday 08 Aug 2018 by Katrina @ Extend

Hi Everyone! This is the way for winter to be. Warm and sunny! We are continuing our Junior Leader program with Abbie on Thursday. The children are enjoying the experience. We having been working on our collaborative art project for the Extend Art Competition. Make sure you come and have a look. It will be on display from Tuesday14 August on the sign in table. Great job everyone!

Don’t Forget – We are in the Library Friday Afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from pm. The seniors are completing their QCS practice test. Good Luck Seniors.

  • Centre M – 0455 913 339
  • Centre E –
  • Head office – 1300 366 437

Remember: “Enjoy your long weekend."

Katrina Hardie, Team Leader

What’s on next week?  Animal Week

Mon 13 Aug  CLOSED
 Tue 14 Aug  ASC - Playground and library
 Wed 15 Aug  ASC - Playground and library
 Thu 16 Aug  ASC - Web Art
 Fri 17 Aug  ASC - Animal Yoga

What’s coming up this Term?

 Week 6  Beauty week
 Week 7  Father's Day week
 Week 8  Spring week
Week 9  Cup cake week and Art Show Week
 Week 10  Pirate Week and Talent show Tuesday

Dates affecting the use of M Block

Due to School Commitments we will not be able to utilise M Block. We will be utilising the Library on the Following dates:

  • 10 August – After School
  • 14 August – Before and After School
  • 15 August – Before and After School
  • 3 September – After School
  • 4 September – Before and After School
  • 5 September – Before and After School