Antarctic Narrative Competition - A great opportunity for our Student Authors!

Tuesday 13 Mar 2018 by Redlands College Library

Student Authors - a great opportunity!

Antarctic Narrative Competition – Redlands College Students only

Students from Year 5 through to Year 12 are invited to submit a story set in Antarctica.

Recently, many of our students have demonstrated particular talent as authors.  

This competition is to encourage and motivate our students to develop their literary gifts.

Inspired by Miss Faulkner’s recent adventures in the vast, icy continent a display about Antarctica has been set up in the foyer of the Library. The last dog sled ever used in Antarctica is right here in our school! Could it be part of your story? Come and feel the softness of a penguin’s feathers or explore the dramatic history of exploration of this harsh continent.

Resources that can inform you about Antarctica and help you develop your characters and problems for your story are available to borrow.

Miss Faulkner will show a video of her travels in the Library during a break in Week 9. Watch the notices for the exact date and time. If you know Miss Faulkner, it will be worth seeing for the sheer entertainment value!

Submit your entry to the Library front desk by Friday, 27 April.


Years 5 & 6 (400 – 800 words)

Years 7 & 8 (500 – 1200 words)

Years 9 & 10 (500 – 1500 words)

Years 11 & 12 (600 - 1500 words)

The top three entries in each section will earn a $25 voucher for Mad Hatters Bookshop and be published on the new Library website. Also, these top entries will be given a guided editing session with Ms Dale, who has experience as a freelance editor. You can then submit your entry to the IEU Literary Competition (see link below) where prizes range from $75 - $150. Anyone can enter the QIEU competition but refining your entry beforehand through our competition would be helpful. Please note the conditions on the entry form available at the website.

QIEU Literary Competition details

As the quality of writing we have already encountered from our students is high, we anticipate reading your entries with excitement!

You have the holidays to write, edit and polish your entry so get to it!

Mrs Peachey and Ms Dale