The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Silver Hike - D'Aguilar National Park Thursday 30 July - Saturday 1 August 2020

Monday 03 Aug 2020 by Rachel Tattersall | Outdoor Education
Some of the participants in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award completed a three day hike last week. For most of the group, the hike in D’Aguilar National Park was the final part of their Adventurous Journey section. The students operated in four groups and hiked to the site of a plane crash as well as navigating off track and camped at remote bush campsites. They enjoyed the cooler weather even though it meant a little less light in the day.

Read on for some excerpts from Kyle Braganca's (Year 11) report.
Aug Silver Hike (compass and map)
 Our first practice hike featured a decently steep ascent over a nice hill however this paled in comparison to the 4km uphill journey it took us an hour to do on our qualifying hike. The qualifying hike was steeper, rougher and featured a lot of off-track walking, especially on the first day to get to our campsite at South Kobble. The second day was most definitely the hardest with the 4km uphill journey! We managed to get through thanks to many breaks. Our group split up into pairs navigate each section of the hike…..
Aug Silver Hike (9) Aug Silver Hike (13)

….We managed to find a beautiful waterfall that we hiked downwards next to find a whole bunch of rock pools where a few people had a freezing dip in….
Aug Silver Hike (2)
….On the final day we ran through some first aid scenarios including a snake bite, asthma attack and hypoglycaemia. These were good learning experiences and helped us to understand all about administering bandages, immobilisation, calling for help, using the recovery position and understanding certain steps that need to be taken especially when being in the middle of the bush….
Aug Silver Hike (12)
….Overall, I’m glad I got for the opportunity to prove to myself that I am capable of achieving something as difficult as I personally reckon the silver qualifying hike was. Had it been laid out before me with someone telling me how I was going to feel; the pain, emotions, weight of a pack, cold and the length of the journey, I think I would have left right there and then. However, I got through it all and so did everybody else…. it has taught me to be confident in my abilities - including my motivation. I’m proud of my self and everybody else who completed the hike…. everybody supported each other and motivated each other to keep on going. A message to take away from the journey would be to have faith. In you and your own abilities and the help/support of others. Have faith.

Aug Silver Hike (3) Aug Silver Hike (5)
Aug Silver Hike (7)