The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Gold Residential Project Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July 2020

Friday 17 Jul 2020 by Rachel Tattersall | Outdoor Education Coordinator

Sleeping in shelters built from sticks and grass, building rafts, digging toilet holes, earning stars (to redeem for cooking ingredients), navigating their way between activities, scavenger hunts, filtering water, lighting fires without matches and saving little teddy bears are just some of the activities a group of Gold Award participants enjoyed during the recent holiday. Read on to find out why they did this...

All participants in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award complete four sections - physical recreation, skill, service and adventurous journey. The Gold Award has a fifth section - a residential project. Helping on a farm, leadership programs, sports training camps, leading on holiday camps and university taster weeks are some of the options Gold Award participants usually choose to do for their 5-day Residential Project. This year many of these options have been unavailable, so it was a bonus when the Gold Award participants were offered a once-off opportunity to help at a property newly managed by Queensland Camping and Conference Centres. The aim was to spend five days away and volunteer their services in setting up for school camps. Many of the group were expecting to paint, clear scrub or clean. They were asked to trial a newly designed survivor program. Instead of doing odd jobs, they learnt new skills and assisted the QCCC staff in determining what works well and what needs improving before they host school camps this term. Each evening was spent around a campfire cooking dinner. The challenge of catering for the whole group using coals was a highlight for some. The clean-up at the end was done efficiently, and woks oiled ready for the next meal. Some unfamiliar additions to camp were hand washing after every activity, cleaning all surfaces frequently and temperature checks.

The QCCC staff are very grateful for the feedback the group (staff and students) gave and are appreciative of the way the group participated in the activities. I would like to thank Mr Joel Erkkila and Mike Tattersall who gave up their free time to support the group in this project.

June Gold Residential Project: Tent

June Gold Residential Project: Filter Water June Gold Residential Project: Shelter
June Gold Residential Project: Obstacle
June Gold Residential Project: Food Prep June Gold Residential Project: Boiling Water