Survey: Year 12 Geography

Friday 20 Mar 2020 by Catherine Wicks
This term, Year 12 Geography students have been involved with Seagrass-Watch, monitoring the seagrass at King Island, Wellington Point.
Before embarking on this project, many of us were not aware that there are significant patches of seagrass surrounding King Island!   By investigating this section of our local environment more closely, we have learnt about the diversity in habitats in Moreton Bay and the wider environmental, economic and social benefits that healthy seagrass habitats provide.
These students are currently writing a Field Report to analyse specific threats to seagrass meadows in Moreton Bay in order to suggest the best ways to sustain the biodiversity of our local environment.

To help them with their research, the students would appreciate it if you could complete this short survey - click here.  The survey should take less than two minutes to complete.


1. Seagrass - Group Photo
Seagrass bus photo Seagrass monitoring 3
Seagrass - Group Photo 2