Friday 20 March is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

Thursday 12 Mar 2020 by Jo Woodward | Wellbeing Assistant

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Bullying behaviour is widespread within our society but this does not mean it is acceptable. As a school community, we aim to stamp out bullying and educate our students to say something to stop such behaviour.

Cyberbullying, in particular, has become a faceless and easy way for bullies to target others. We urge students and parents to use Stymie, the online reporting tool to anonymously send notifications about any bullying that is occurring. The more information we have the more we are able to do to put a stop to bullying behaviour.

Parents, are you concerned about your child being cyberbullied?

Go to for some great information and resources to help your child

Young people take a look at

The National Centre Against Bullying also provides some valuable information at

Don’t forget to check out SCHOOL TV at you can find lots of helpful information on topics such as cyberbullying. As a community, our goal is to promote and provide a safe and caring environment for our children.