The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Springbrook Hike (Friday 6 - Saturday 7 March 2020)

Tuesday 10 Mar 2020 by Catherine Wicks

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an International Youth Achievement Program that challenges youths between the ages of 14-25 to achieve their best through a balanced program of skill development, and a commitment to regular physical activity, and a commitment to enriching their community through volunteering. Participants are also challenged by participating in Adventurous Journeys to push their physical and mental limits while having fun with others as they do it. Last week students set out on an Adventure Journey, and you can read how the trip went below. 

We started out at school on Friday morning ready to hop on the bus and travel to Springbrook. But before we could do that, we had to complete a little team task, which was to move the locked trailer from the bus to the road. Once we did that, we headed off to Apple Tree Park in Springbrook. We hopped off the bus and gathered our things ready to start the day’s walk.

While we were walking, we had to look out for important features to tell us where we were on our maps and use compasses to direct the way. For lunch, we stopped at a nice waterhole with a little waterfall for a refreshing swim and to refuel. We headed off toward Purlingbrook Falls, where we were greeted by an amazing waterfall. But what goes down must come up. So, we began the steep climb to the top of the falls, where our days' efforts were rewarded with a stunning view. We then made the short walk to camp, where we set up our tents and had our dinner. Finally, we planned for the next day, played some cards and then we were all off to bed.

The next morning, we were woken by the chirps of the birds and the rising sun. We packed away our tents, had breakfast and headed off. We started the Warrie Circuit looking out over the Gold Coast skyscrapers and mist rolling off the mountains. Then we made our way down the mountain, passing beautiful waterfalls and crossing some creeks trying not to slip.

As we went along, we were looking out for important turns in the track and creeks to help us figure out where we were on the map. We began to climb back up the mountain and, stopped for lunch next to a waterfall. Afterwards, we headed off for the final stretch passing other hikers and walking under a waterfall. That cooled us down nicely. When we made it back to the bus, we took our packs and had a stretch. We did it! For many of us, we had just finished our first hike, what an accomplishment.

Megan Schmidt, Year 10

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