Senior Legal Studies Incursion

Monday 09 Mar 2020 by Catherine Wicks | Marketing Assistant

Last Friday, our Senior Legal Studies students played host to Senior Constable Rob and Constable Amy from the South Brisbane District Vulnerable Persons Unit, who came to speak on domestic violence. Combined, Senior Constable Rob and Constable Amy have two decades of experience in the police service and shared both their experiences on the job and from their personal lives regarding domestic violence. This incursion was a great way for the students to learn more about the current unit of study, Law Reform. 

The presentation shed light on the dangers of abusive relationships, no matter how 'harmless' the abuse seems, in regard to the likelihood of the abuse worsening. Both Senior Constable Rob and Constable Amy pointed out the types of abuse that occur, and then also how their role as officers in the police service fit into the judicial system of Australia. This gave the students a practical insight into the legal system and directly related to their IA2 inquiry topic the students are investigating for their assignments. 

With the tragic events in Brisbane only a few weeks ago, students were able to ask the hard questions and be reassured that the Police were and are hard at work to reduce domestic violence all across Australia. They also heard how a career as a police officer isn't for the faint-hearted, and how a strong faith in the character of God can help in trying times. 

Senior Legal Studies

 Senior Legal Studies: Senior Constable Rob  Senior Legal Studies: Senior Constable Rob
Senior Legal Studies: Constable Amy