STAR Christmas appeal 2019

Tuesday 18 Feb 2020 by Catherine Wicks

Over the Christmas period, there were many elderly people who received a gift because of the generosity of Redlands College and others in the local community. We are so proud of the loving hearts and serving hands of the Redlands College Community who collected gifts for the STAR Christmas Appeal this last year.

Lilly Dawson said: “Christmas is a time of giving and we all thought it would be wonderful to be able to give to elderly people who are on their own. Everyone was very excited to be a part of supporting others in the community, especially at this time of year”. 

Catherine Williams, from STAR community services, presented the certificate on Monday and she said "It was great to be able to present the College Captains of Redlands College with a Certificate of Appreciation for their support of the STAR Christmas appeal.  The community spirit of the students was outstanding as they collected many gifts for elderly people who were on their own.  Rob Pattearson, Head of Senior School said it was wonderful to have Redland students involved in this appeal and they are looking forward to even more student involvement this year."

Redlands College and students

 STAR and Redlands College Students STAR and Redlands College Students