Outdoor Education - August Silver Hike

Tuesday 08 Oct 2019 by Fletcher Hoffmann (Year 10)

Between August 22 and August 24, the Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award students participated in another three-day hike in D’Aguilar National Park.

This hike was in a different section of the park to our July hike. Similar to the last hike, the group split off in different directions, staying at different campsites for the first night. This hike was challenging, but less physically and more navigationally than our July hike. 

Much of the first and second day was off track, requiring us to navigate with a compass and a map to ensure we didn’t get lost. But we made it!

Also similar to the previous hike, we had water problems at the first campsite. This time however, there was no water where it normally was. So a group of four students, plus a leader, walked back off track to where we had been earlier that day with all the empty water containers. They found a stream. Yay! Well, it was more of a puddle. But they filled everyone’s water up and walked back to camp. This group became known from then on, as H2G0.

For the second night, everyone met up at the same campsite, where we all cooked meals for our small groups. Our group had chicken curry and it was delicious!

Of all the hikes I’ve done with Duke of Edinburgh, this was by far my favourite. I loved navigating, and the little complications were fun as well.

Silver August Hike 2019