Outdoor Education - July Silver Hike

Thursday 03 Oct 2019 by Fletcher Hoffmann (Year 10)

From July 18-20, a group of Redlands College students participated in a three-day hike in D’Aguilar National Park.

The group split off in two different directions, taking different routes to campsites in which we stayed for the two nights. There were three groups going in the same direction as us, so we rotated group leaders every day.

The first night was very cold, and I think many people wished for a pair of gloves when they were packing up the next morning. Once the sun came out, we all warmed up though.

The hiking on the second day was tough, just over two kilometres of steep uphill climbs, but we kept pushing each other on. There was a big cheer from all of us when we reached the top.

At the second campsite, there was a water tank 300m from the site. The only problem was, we couldn’t get water out of it. It took a few hours before we opened the fire hose attachment and slowly filled up all of our water bottles. It was all worth it for the sunrise the following morning though.

Overall, this hike was challenging, but a lot of fun!

Silver July Hike 2019