Student Achievements - World Jump Rope Championships Norway

Monday 02 Sep 2019 by Achievements @ Redlands
Year 11 student, Baylie Stariha has returned from the World Jump Rope Championships in Norway with amazing results and experiences!
With 975 athletes from around the world, she is second in her age (out of 102 competitors) for 30 second speed (ranked 10th in the World open division) and fourth for 3 minute speed. In the open division she has come away with second in team speed and third in the pairs double under speed event. Congratulations Baylie!
We wish her all the best as she prepares for the Nationals in September, where she hopes to qualify in to the Australian team, who will be competing in Canada in July 2020 for the first International Jump Rope Union - World Championships. 


Baylie World Jumprope