Year 6 Readers' Cup

Wednesday 24 Jul 2019 by Library@Redlands
One of the great literary events our students have the opportunity to participate in each year is Readers' Cup. Each school chooses students who have a love of reading and a competitive spirit to read five designated titles. At the competition, they then answer questions about these books during six rounds. This year saw twenty-seven teams excitedly competing at Moreton Bay College.
Our Year 6 team this year included Eli Bensley, Imogen Clarke, Isabella Miller, Allegra-Jane Morgan and Emma Ralph. These students met every week for a term to share questions they had written about the books with the goal to be well prepared for the competition. During the tournament they collaborated capably as a team, proved they were well read and focussed on each question with diligence. Redlands College was represented admirably by our team.
We were privileged to have Samantha Wheeler as our quizmaster. Samantha wrote one of the designated texts, Everything I've Never Said. It was a special treat for our students to meet Samantha as she has had a long term relationship with Year 6 at Redlands College, being a visiting author most years since her first novel was published. She has always been generous to us with her time and inspiration for our budding writers. 
The atmosphere was electric and it appeared all participants enjoyed themselves immensely. Congratulations to our team for their efforts.

Readers Cup 2019