Year 11 Geography students learn about town planning

Thursday 20 Jun 2019 by Senior School

On Friday, Year 11 Geography students went on an excursion in Fortitude Valley with the Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre. 

Group photo in T C B Building

Students are completing a town planning assessment in which they are assessing the current degree of liveability in this inner-city suburb and suggesting how the area can be improved.  In this unit, students are learning about: the history of urban development in Brisbane; the town planning strategy of Urban Renewal; and, the importance of planning to improve the sustainability of our growing cities. 

Observing Urban Renewal in Bakery Lane

On the excursion, the students were privileged to have

Group work - sorting liveability issuesa session with Mick Law from Queensland Spatial Information Council, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy on using Spatial Technologies to present data in their Field Reports. 

Both Urban Planning and Spatial Technologies are exciting career fields with growing job prospects that the study of Geography is closely linked with.


Assessing Liveability in the mall

 GIS Session