Defining Moments at RPAC

Wednesday 12 Jun 2019 by Redlands College
Anita Taylor, who directs Middle and Senior Choirs has taken the challenge of writing her life story and presenting a dramatic musical performance at RPAC, Concert Hall Saturday July 27 at 2pm.

Anita will reveal the highs and lows experienced in the world of music and bring with her special guests: Mayor Karen Williams, Kym Hebblewhite, Peter Handsworth, Jacob Cavanough, Libby Myers, Redlands College Choirs and the Redland City Choir. 

Anita has toured as a gospel singer throughout Australia, U.S.A., China, India and Brazil. Her passion is also to help young people develop their individual talents. She has also joined the team of music tutors at Redlands College and teaches singing to our students. Tickets are available now at RPAC via website or ticket office.