Co curricular Chess

Wednesday 08 May 2019 by Mrs Leisha Bradshaw

In the last two weeks of term Coach Diane taught us two different types of chess games.  One was called “must take’ where you must take a piece if you can and the aim of the game is to lose all your pieces, and the other was Transfer Chess. 

Transfer Chess is played on two chessboards by four players in teams of two. Each team member faces one opponent of the other team. Partners sit next to each other and one partner has black, while the other has white. Each player plays the opponent as in a standard chess game, HOWEVER, you pass your captured pieces to your partner beside you.

The partner keeps such pieces "in reserve". On a player's turn they then have a choice: either play a regular chess move, or else to "drop" one of their pieces in reserve onto the board. You can’t ‘drop take’, or ‘drop mate’ or promote pawns, and you only need one person to win for the team to succeed.

This was great fun and fantastic way to finish off the term.

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transfer 2

 transfer 3