Years 9 & 11 Debating: Round 1

Monday 08 Apr 2019 by Mrs Leisha Bradshaw, Debating Coordinator

If you have heard me talk about debating then you know that I have this theory that it is actually an extreme sport.  Think about it.  Think about the intense fear of speaking in front of an audience.  Think about how your palms start to sweat, your legs turn to mush and your heart beat intensifies as the adrenaline pumps through your veins as you stand there clutching your palm cards.

Now imagine that the opposition can interrupt you.

Welcome to senior debating where your opposition can ask for a “Point of Information” and question a point that you have just made.

The Year 11 team braved this for the first time and did not faint, falter or throw up.  They answered the POIs with calm and aplomb.  Unfortunately, our aplomb and excellent speeches did not translate into win as a birthday present for our captain, but we have gained valuable experience that we will take forward into the next round.

Year 9s met Cleveland State High and Citipointe Christian College to argue that we should ban the Melbourne Cup.  Again, we can be very proud of the young men and women who represented the College and spoke so well.  Team 9.2 defeated Citipointe and 9.1 went down to Cleveland.

We are looking forward to round 1 for the year 10s next Wednesday who will take on Mansefield at Chuchie.

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