Co-curricular Chess

Wednesday 03 Apr 2019 by Mrs Leisha Bradshaw
The first meeting of chess-letes occurred on Thursday and coach, Mr Zac Windsor, began by putting up the end of a game and asked why this was a "stalemate".  A very interesting discussion ensued and now I know that a stalemate can be declared if a pawn has not been moved in the last 50 moves (thanks Daniel!)  We then played some games and learnt some important conventions that occur during competitions:  
  1. Always begin by shaking hands with your opponent
  2. Need to play quietly as we cannot do anything that may distract our opponent
  3. Set up the board again when play is finished.
Our first training session ended with Mr Windsor posing a chess problem where white would check black in three moves.  Several moves were suggested and hotly defended which left me in awe of the talent in the room. 

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Chess 1

 Chess 2